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Cognac Bar Stool MD


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Cognac Bar Stool MD

It has been a long day and you will be ending with a glass of Pinotage and a lovely dinner with friends in your Johannesburg home.

The handcrafted table has been set and is ready for you to play the gracious host. You take pride in having everything of the best and that includes the bespoke dining chairs that surround your beautifully laid-out table.

You sought out the finest furniture makers in Johannesburg who encapsulate the simple elegance of a bygone era, using only the best in locally-sourced materials.

With each individual piece created, JVB Furniture Collection aims to echo the spirit of the past while capturing the essence of a future world.

Why buy bespoke dining chairs?

Bespoke furniture brings to mind unique, one-of-a-kind creations that are custom-made to the procurer’s taste. At JVB Furniture Collection, every piece is a work of art. All the material are sourced right here in South Africa and are worked to specifications by talented, local craftspeople.

Why choose bespoke furniture?

When you choose a bespoke item, you have the joy and satisfaction of knowing your piece has been made to your exacting standards and specifications. Buying a bespoke piece is exciting and enjoyable as it allows you to work directly with the designers and skilled craftspeople to create your individual

How do you choose or design the perfect set of dining chairs for your home?

First, you need to determine the size of your dining room and the type of atmosphere you want to create for you, your family and your guests.

Will it be a formal dining room where you will be able to host dinner parties or a business meeting? Or would you prefer a more informal dining room for your everyday family meals and a chat with your children? Of course, the ideal situation would be to have both informal and formal dining rooms.

Now let’s look at what you need to consider before you can settle on the perfect dining chairs for your home.

First decide on whether you want your dining chairs to functional and practical or do you want it to be decorative? This will determine the style, the material and the placement of the dining chairs.

Measure both the room you have designated as the dining area and then determine how large your dining table will be. Consider how often you have guests over and the types of meals or activities that will be shared.

What is the shape of your dining table? Is it round, oval or rectangular? This will affect the amount of space underneath. Ensure that the dining chair can be pushed easily underneath the table.

Choose the right size for your  Cognac Bar Stool MD

Dining chairs and the arms should be able to slide under the table easily. It should also have enough leg room and lap room to be comfortable when guests are sitting in it. Most dining tables are about 76cm high so aim for dining chairs with a height of about 45cm.

The width of a dining chair is also important. Don’t place too many dining chairs around a table or your guests will keep bumping into each other. Also ensure there is enough room behind the chairs for guests to easily slide out.

Dining chair widths are usually between 50-60cm. Account for the space on either side of the chair. Arms usually add on more width to a chair so if space is an issue consider using armless chairs.

Take into account the size of the table and allow for space in the room to easily move around when people are seated.

The best dining chairs will all have a similar style and use the same type of material, whether is wood, metal or glass. Ensure the material of the dining chairs works well with the material of the table.

Dining chair types
Arm chairs

These dining chairs have a more formal feel and are usually found at the heads of the table. Armchairs can be fully upholstered.

Side chairs

Like the name suggests, side chairs are found on the sides of the table and do not have arms. Unlike arm chairs, it is usually only the seat of the side chair that is upholstered.

Parsons chairs

These dining chairs have a more luxurious feel to it. Although armless, it can be fully upholstered. It has simple and clean lines therefore suiting all design styles.

Dining chair styles
Traditional dining chairs

Chippendale, regency, and Queen Anne chairs are all traditional styles. These chairs are often armless and usually have elaborately designed and carved vertical slats. Traditional arm chairs can be fully upholstered with the side chairs only having upholstered seats.

Mission chairs

These dining chairs have, clean simple line without any extra frills. It the minimalist look suits your Johannesburg home, these chairs would fit in perfectly. Mission dining chairs are generally made of wood and have simple vertical and horizontal lines.

Ladderback chairs

The ladderback dining chair is a traditional style featuring horizontal slats that would suit Johannesburg home that have more of a country-style or transitional feel to it.

Windsor chairs

These chairs will suit a more casual or country-style environment. This early English-style chair features spindly legs and a bowed or hooped back. It can be made of wood or metal.

Modern/Contemporary chairs

If none of the traditional chair styles suit your home, you can work with a JVB designer to ensure a unique and modern twist to your Johannesburg home. Modern chairs usually have a streamlined look and can be made of wood, metal or moulded plastic.

After deciding on the type and style of dining chair that will perfect for your Johannesburg home, you must now determine how wide you want each dining chair to be and how much space your guests will need. The last thing you will want is too many dining chairs and your guests crowding each other. Plan for ample space between each chair. Avoid dining chairs that are less than 50-60cm wide as they will not be comfortable to sit on.

Choosing the best fabric for your Cognac Bar Stool MD

Fabric choices for dining chairs range encompass natural materials like cotton, leather and linen.C


Cotton is a popular choice due to its durability and resistance to fading, wear and pilling. It can be used in both formal and informal dining areas. However, cotton is subject to wrinkles, stains and easy tears.


Leather is also a natural fabric that can be used on dining chairs for its durability. One of the greatest advantages of leather is that it wears well with age and gets better as time passes. Unlike cotton, it’s resistant to stains and requires less maintenance.


Linen is sometimes preferred for its ability to give a room an air of crispness while still retaining a casual atmosphere. Like cotton, linen is resistant to fading and pilling.

Other choices for dining chair upholstery include wool, silk and cotton-blend.


Silk is an elegant fabric that adds a touch of sophistication to dining chair while the cotton-blend is often recommended for its high durability.

Wool Upholstery Fabric:

Wool Upholstery Fabric for dining chairs is usually blended with synthetic fibres to increase its durability and to ensure easier maintenance.

Apart from the natural fibres, there is also a variety of synthetic material to choose from to act as substitutes for the natural fibres or to be used in a blend. Synthetic fibres are more durable and are often chosen for this reason. However, synthetic fibres are usually only resistant to wrinkling and fading when used in a blend with other fibres.


Acrylic is a softer version of natural wool and is resistant to fading, dirt, wrinkling and wear. For your dining chairs, choose a high quality to add resistance to pilling.


Microfiber is similar to suede and is easy to maintain. Nylon is especially durable when added to other fabrics.

While natural fibres will always be the best choice, its synthetic alternatives are quite popular.

For your dining chairs, consider the availability of the fabric in Johannesburg and your needs. Choose a fabric that is both functional, beautiful and suited to both your home and lifestyle.

With JVB Furniture Collection, you can rest assured that only the best materials are used and sourced from local and international suppliers to turn your vision into reality.

Need more Advice:

If you need more advice on how to decorate your home or the perfect type of dining chair to suit your beautiful Johannesburg home, you can use JVB’s premium interior decorating service, which comes at an affordable cost of only R900 for a one-hour in-house consultation with one of our best decorators who will walk you through the process of finding the perfect pieces to complement your home. This service is provided with our client’s needs in mind and incorporates custom needs analysis, creative consultation, floor layouts, proposals and project management to ensure a peace of mind for those who want a professional to handle any of their interior design projects.

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